About Karuna Raizada

Karuna Raizada pinpoints her achievements as the product of her educational background. Studying at various institutions shaped her worldview and sense of global citizenship.  Living in Aiglon’s dormitories in the alpine village of Chesières, Raizada was part of a student population from regions throughout the world. Completing her education at Aiglon allowed her to develop a global perspective, sculpting her into a critical thinker able to explore concepts, ideas, and issues across a broad range of disciplines.

Upon completing her studies at Aiglon College, Karuna Raizada pursued a degree in Economics at Arizona State University. Along with the program’s academic core of economic theory and research, Raizada received in-depth instruction on mathematics and data analysis. She then pursued a Masters in Applied Finance from Pepperdine University in California. Her studies in Applied Science equipped her with real-world applications for business theory. Karuna Raizada’s academic endeavors launched her career as a financial advisor with a Fortune 500 company, where she managed investment portfolios for individuals and institutions.

In her spare time, Karuna Raizada volunteers with the American National Red Cross, a humanitarian organization that assists victims of natural disasters through community service initiatives. Her passion for the organization led her to complete various courses on response care to include Mass Care Overview, Psychology First Aid, and Standard First Aid. Additionally, Raizada supports local animal shelters through fundraising efforts. She endeavors to be a contributing member of her community.


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